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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 19, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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matter of choice >> : it is critical to save water and indeed everyone on board. new loss for biological father of suicide victim audrey one judge one opinion i will need to regroup. we're story behind the scene of a bay bridge toll plaza. guy dancing around in khaki shorts and torture. talk about where the picture as a posted ghost taken by to rescind the purchase. what we found out that the rocks. fire in the hills of the san jose are a destroyed two homes and threatening a third. the deal from helicopter partnership with abc seven homes of vehicles
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on clayton road near the base of mount hamilton completely burned. lava the phone with the latest. >> : just cannot hear us at this time but let us tell you that this fire started at at detached garages in the area at its bread to nearby grass and eventually igniting to nearby homes and a number of vehicles you see one home burns to the ground. a grass fire itself contains crews still dousing the homes in the area around them with water. because they do not won any hot spots to flare up. no other homes apparently in danger at this hour all this happening on clayton road near silicon valley art institute. the area a courtesy of helicopter partnership with abc seven. no injuries in connection with the blaze. the cause is still on known as fire crews perform the that area and stay there to make sure
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there are no flare ups to the night continued dry weather and depending on when they wont to make sure the neighborhood is protected to the night hours. we will try to get a report from jeff later in this newscast. putting an extra hours of the tough beat. san jose police officers being told they must work overtime to help departments deal with all the crime in the city at a time when more officers are leaving for other jobs. is to with the police department officers union two sides feuding over this bold move >> : by now people know the situation here to settle is a police department become critical. but thus forcing officers to work more hours in and day actually help the public >> : or doesn't put them at more risk. kron on the rise police apartment short staffed. the city of san jose is taking drastic measures. does not have enough officers to the police are sitting >> : starting june 29th that will
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require its 1000 officers to work overtime. the jeans and the results of the officers association says it's a bad idea. city auditor warned against putting more succeed in putting things like this force overtime. city council failed to make streets safer a policy is in place for forcing officers for other agencies. under the new plan office is working the night shift could be forced to work two hours of 0 see day officers working could be held over three hours >> : it will be handed out two officers with least seniority. these additional hours will forced to work now put more burden on them and make it more dangerous place for citizens and police officers however department says they will be mutt stirring things close to a lecture the force does not get burned out and also believes mandatory overtime necessary to keep the public's faith. however the officers' association believe other options need to be looked at. airline
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simpson's wedding tunny mention the call very serious priority which includes domestic violence assaults at a solution of have to do: help some point with the council does not address the problems in life and for overtime program will last to the summer august it will reevaluate and decide whether they want to continue with future cancel the program >> : truck bursting into flames of the great bridge toll plaza during the morning commute today and the person believed to have set the fire to dance around the burning truck. the incredible the deal >> : justin also shot this video as he made his way through the bay bridge toll plaza 830 in the morning a pickup truck fully engulfed in fire. not all he saw. a guy dancing around and as we slip on the video. jumping
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around as a good truck it continues to burn. acting erratically acting strangely the party was apparently suffering from an emergency. chp will not say whether the man started his own truck and fire. onlookers say it looked suspicious. >> : you could tell us something must have started the fire of the mccarter itself doing that because the for the car is now burning at all but the passenger compartment was completely in flames and flames coming out from below the car itself. driver identified as romeo battista at a as sacramento pit taken to highland hospital in place on sidetrack the cold. five tollways shutdown but while he was subdued in the fire was put on. that brought the morning commute to a virtual crawl. seiche this is in it happened a hundred feet of the toll plaza. excitement is
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building about opening of the forty-niners nearly by stadium but with a stadium parking that could store at $50 and other nearby cities bracing for a lot out of towners. city leaders and not and you expect hundreds if not all of the people park their and that's the reason why they are making changes as we speak. were anticipating for a huge crowd and hopefully a smaller crowd. concerns kron as we get closer to the opening of levi stadium new home to services go 40 niner concerns over the game day parking not set a clara parking in the long view. start of the light rail system in connection point to the train system where the city should be providing free parking are not. i do not believe we should be a free parking would be a regulation among news to the leaders say those with caltrans like the charge $25
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to park in the slot which could push vehicle owners to reach areas are residents park leaders with liking margaret regulate also charging for parking in city lots and putting restrictions on neighborhood street parking. very thriving downtown of watter restaurants great retail. you want to the available space for non football fans. the one that probably time limits and take ticketing possibly telling. but the farmers' market said the be second largest in the state intends of the nation are moved to new location in town. now comes the planning regulating of the hundreds or thousands of cars that could park in mountain view instead of santa clara. we do not want to burden of the residence for something they had no control over. i assume that a happy game day and in several require parking fine. at >> : city leaders likely going to take time to find a real
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solution here but they do expect sunday's to be fairly busy. one-third of california now experiencing exceptional drought conditions. the highest dry as category 44% of the state and extreme drought and the remainder is in severe drought. one bay area city ready to show are hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell people about strict water restrictions. but as found out some people in pleasanton think that money could be better spent. the signs of the drought and tough water restrictions and levenson easy to see brown grass did plans hoses' hon up to dry. the city mandated a 25 percent cutback in water use in may and most people here painfully aware they must conserve their water. showing a minimum. not watering lawns of all in turn by shower off as
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leveling up. cut back on water as dresses dead. city pleasanton just spent too much of thousand dollars on new water country's strong campaign money would be used for education advertising to make sure everyone knows how critical it is to save water and some people think that what that money going down the drain >> : we upset about other things we need everyone knows laundress situation and if you were just zero or conduct of it is the advertised >> : a lot of money ethical us still the more how bad the drought is. and police obese were up 25% reduction rule written clearly on the city's website on their to residents get praised for cutting back 25% in may the city does not plan on spending all that $200,000 but wont says it does not get people to conserve now next year will be much worse.
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>> : donald sterling goes off like a hot tea kettle latest raids against the doctors who evaluated his mental health and the call him the hot phelan of the mug shot of the northern california man bring up the web right now and we take a look at another image with a jazz the topic of a lot of debate online alcatraz ghost picture is that a fake >> : >> : champagne delivered by person when you can have it delivered by a drone bay area hotel offering guests of high-tech experience states soon to at its coming up in the tech support >> : were looking live from the golden gate bridge piquancy more cloud cover out there that cd apple clones and get cyclos what those are moving and also to look at the edges ahead this weekend coming up >> : coming up >> :
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toll-free at beckham and experience. i have champagne delivered when you can have it delivered by drone this holding to two bottles of champagne all the way to guests. if a flying bellhop i think lynn the general manager the hotel and spa offering the drum delivery service right of the water. is a part of our once led but as technology moves forward we certainly 46 is the stomach to be part of everyone's life. from a lot of the move the drone to the deck delivering what ever guests want dirt their flexible i shall even seen user jones deliver things from a hotel out to boat on the bay. a champagne
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delivered out there and wants of less unless there and the need john to bring them all up their shades >> : like john's not cheap in the near future will be but not yet. for now this is the high-tech amenity for their height and clientele only flies for guess of their mega luxury alexandrites sweet it cost $10,000 a night i know you want to know what to goes and gets you hear it is 5000 square feet of space full kitchens stuck with the blue bottle beans and espresso machine dining room private jam with the big screen tv your own private office also with the big tv set by cooler the outdoor jacuzzi my favorite dry a video wall wade watch tv and also this big outdoor area a giant back with all
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of the seating review that's probably what it paid for the most of you. yet caught up and read all boats and alcatraz and the distance that is nice but still $10,000 a night i have asked will anyone pay that and they have any reservations. resaw him on this interest in the suite. not only for this year but actually it all the way up to two summer of 2015 and high demands >> : kill switch to support present cell phone thefts had small-stock new data shows technology is really working. severances code district attorney wants to require all smart phones to have to kill switch that today he announced on phone robberies' to triste 38% consensus go since apple unveiled i from kill switch last september. in the same time. enjoyed robberies increased 12% in the san francisco area oakland their
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dream call another east bay users of forcing their support for kills such as well. we believe they'll make the community safer and were in the homestretch please check with your assembly members make sure they will support this bill we will engage regional effort to do the same thing in the bay area >> : google microsoft announcing they will include a kill switch and they're smart phones the android and window operating system in the future >> : san francisco catholic arch that bishop attended from marriage rally today in washington d.c. and made the controversial appearance despite a letter from san francisco's top leaders and a petition with nearly 30,000 signatures asking him not to attend. the event called the march for marriage and supports the belief of traditional marriage between man and woman before the rally archbishop said the event from marriage and some not anti elegy b t. millions and
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even a good marriage and society itself >> : fortune society true flaw of. this is the legacy we have received from ancestors of the but >> : in the meantime presbyterian church today officials taken major steps toward recognizing gay marriage today church leaders voted in favor of redefining christian marriage in said the church's constitution as the union of two people this will happen only as most of the 172 regional presbyterians which make up the governing body of the church to approve the measure during voting over the next year. but starting this weekend seven churches voted to or below passers to preside a weddings and save which recognize same-sex marriage. chances are you notice the cool down up there today a lot of places with 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. inland's not one
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of locations operate a lot ids inland. 75 today vallejos 70 in oakland 77 down has 24 hours down 15 degrees vallejo 10 degrees in san mateo and sunnyvale at 13 degrees cooler in san francisco down 12 degrees and oakland but inland we did not see much of a change down only one to three degrees. the live at the gate bridge you can see clouds moving and at low clouds closing high clouds. we do have the storm up to the north of us and the core behind the satellite warning and extending of short black cloud cover from the south and kilts and continue through the friday. change knowledge. right now 67 news bay area wide 16 oakland 65 in san jose 69 in livermore 73 out unconquered tonight
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sing the fog and turned as well as the cause you just saw a moving and friday partly cloudy still warm inland's we will circling in the weekend comfortable to butchers are ahead more about that in numbers talk about the big nascar race and social mores of this weekend a leader in the hour >> : also still had this to defeat " the man who says he is the biological father of the late audrey pot. but not finished fighting his mission. coming later in the broadcast warriors going to come in going after kevin love and dealing a value right organization all later in the broadcast and the 11 year-old from the peninsula. the u.s. open her story with a broadcast >> : an appeal at 6 action after our story on the doctor accused of leading a dogs and a hot? the mall wearing
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size organization was up >> : to pick heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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the animal rights organization key the asking a management of san francisco's stuns town mall put signs reminding shoppers they should not leave their pets in hot cars. this the sun still that your proposal letter to the mall's general manager ought earlier this week he says as he takes the matter seriously but will not be able to accommodate this shopping waited on the matter >> : it will do what they do. pita reacting to dog walker reason cited for the be dogs
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in the battle at the mall. the dogs were found authorities said the temperature in the band had reached 92 did degrees and the dogs appeared to be distressed panting heavily the dog walker cited $100 for dog in the city is at broking license >> : another recorded grants from donald sterling this one not racist but certainly not nice either in the first was built here a message sterling left before ucla psychiatrist who recently examined in diagnosed with early alzheimer's and that the on the clippers >> : will have you as you listen to a dare you give my medical records for my head to a law firm who hires you to the higher you for putting me, but it on the hand, but a year >> : sterling claims dr. james speyer paid off by his estranged wife as attorney
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dollar nonthreatening the doctor >> : may get you out fired. i obviously >> : was no split in court july sterling the " the attorneys wanted a restraining order clinic dolled as menacing unharnessing however the judge rejected the request and told everybody that to tone down the bickering had a trial which will determine if she can in fact cell the clippers 4 $2 billion >> : jump on a grenade in order to save others courage in battle awarded to date with the nation's highest military honor and a little story and recovery of william kyle carpenter >> : story the dog wandered off the northern california campground and appears to have come back to years later >> :
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paid no attention to the right side with the letters s t o p. those are merely guidelines for the drivers were sort seems. all explain and the next addition of people behaving radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale.
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start a business are taking off the pieces of the shares store after a car when sessions through and going out and tries to get a glimpse of a ghost see what
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we found >> :
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fighter has leveled to homes live at the scene what it joins us live with the distills >> : sun is setting in the last thing hellfire triggers still here on the scene amazing displaced completely to blacken right now you can see to homes are destroyed three vehicles in this fire so intense that the lean on wheels on those melted and the puzzle on the grounds. right now there seems to be all but there are still smoke's coming from these structures destroyed, fire
8:31 pm
here. due to cleanup heading these structures with their firehouses with their rakes and going through all to these areas told the remaining here throughout the night. he never really can't tell what's going on fires like this consultor for longtime directors are going to stay here on scene to retrofire does not come back up. the do have the upper hand on this and will not see any flames or any real significance up right now. the zero causes fire. they're still trying to focus on getting the fire but making sure there is a danger is gone the rest there is going through are as investigators checking to see beneath all play is that and no indication that that might be the case. the do
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have inspectors at 03 but we want here because this fire for at least a week. >> : legal effort from man who says he is a biological father of a light sets of a team audrey to be included in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family denied but as it reported he's not giving up. >> : i'm disappointed but not discouraged. acting as his own attorney michael s. what to court on thursday to arrest the judge to include him in a wrongful death lawsuit in the cases are to a good team who took her own life after photos of alleged sexual assault party circulated of social media. the request was denied the judge to not say why. this is one judge one opinion i will need to regroup. and i
8:33 pm
give up. in court filings included photos of the key to much younger audrey what he decided probate case law says the grounds that audrey's biological father his legal standing to join a lawsuit filed by the teen parents. clint to be the sole legal erysipelas see troweling the suicide he says he's not after any money. there's a lot of money in this world that will bring my daughter back. i'm glad that does it stand and do what i think was right. this ruling it echoes a 2005 decision after he and she went to a separate ways when a family court judge also denied his printer monday claims after it could not take all agreed to his home in the first years of his life. no off right claims about the return you for the time to protect she lotus and was
8:34 pm
separated from the house and then as a loving father for seven years and had a daughter taken from me. ticket from grandparents family. i've done everything possible i could do. 44 per and will continue. other members of the family attended the hearing of the attorneys of the courthouse without comment >> : it looks like a founds yet another duck pond in daly city and for those unfamiliar with what a duck pond is a lot to explain the sea duck pond is where you find not docks but drivers ignoring basic driving laws and droves. let not stopping for stop signs. an industry and some people rode in daly city where if you just watch ec drivers drive to the stop sign on the pretty
8:35 pm
consistent basis. this trip to california stop. all by a red pickup ahead and stop all followed by a great car again now some people argue that if everyone's going to the stop sign there may be and should a yield sign. but drivers actually stopping and waiting almost a time because traffic was heading towards the vest the pace some people might argue if there is a cop there it wouldn't happen to the broad more police and watch what happens. yes daly city about any blessed him sunday. what people ought to stop signs and every time see happen is in the more fascinating when drivers appeared former cong >> : . the strolling through out terror in the world. tickets in san mateo county for rolling through a stop sign could set you back $250
8:36 pm
>> : boring corps veteran kurds say the following rain receiving nation's highest military honor today present obama presents an honor to william kalb carpenter of #2010 in afghanistan he jumped on a live grenade was a firefight and tell them. briefly declared dead in the field mx but somehow survived >> : consider what kyle has endured steps to stand here today at 2 1/2 years in the hospital grueling rehabilitation brain surgery to remove shrapnel from his head nearly 44 surgeries to repair clubs want shattered right arm broken and more than 30 places
8:37 pm
>> : also lost an eye since then he has run a marathon of skydiving now listed at the university of south carolina >> : coming up northern california mug shot has some females facebook users little hot under the collar so many of them not even concerned about the crimes accused of committing the lead and debunking what one person calls a goes picture what's been revealed upon closer inspection and >> : signal of look outside at the roof can you can see close living in right now we do have cooler weather had details of those have to choose coming up heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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is order says he recovers from car crashing into a store we first told you about this over the weekend
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and a co owns appear whats your health on: big avenue at sunnyvale on saturday afternoon the 42 year-old max that drove his car all late to the store houston hospital that day visit he suffered no broken bones but his skilled nursing cutters is a hit my desk with the for the car as it descended to my body would save me was the chair rows and was on wheels instead of me just collapsing over backwards i slid back into a hit the wall and then drop down and that's when his bumper hit my sixth fight. i consider myself lucky >> : the wife lin owns the store she was only other person inside and the crash but was not injured tonight at 1:00 we will tell you how much damage was caused in was that the driver remorseful
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about all this the story tonight at 11 back to where it starts today we took a trip to alcatraz to see if we could catch her own glance of a ghost stories of a ghost possibly haunting the a rock and kicked into high gear after visiting couple from britain stepped this photograph what seems like a figure standing in the visitors window: during calendar over the switch to found. richard take my photo. and see the image she caught the conceit of blurry and smudges on the window. i don't see ghost there. maybe next time to >> : park rangers say the photograph could of caught passing up the dress to wrist instead of a ghost figure. i have yet have any of their own theory experiences and they aren't the spectacle. believers and you look at say no way that the goes to look again a
8:42 pm
petri concede head of a suppose a ghost read their of multiple people now contacted us saying no way debunking of their one person so far break down lavage and what the face a lot of the dose is really a reflection of the woman taking the picture of your use these encircled markings to identify parts of the photographer now makes it look like a ghost face. shall the allied right here the person says of the head right there this is the arm of the goes down like this again the other shoulder sort of my horrible drawn but there but the say the phone is right there will call this arm shoulder and elbow create the face of the supposed a ghost >> : at lotus for five minutes before even saw anything but bottom-line asteroidea what you think >> : a and a levelling at to begin with. i can't agree with you. tangle local
8:43 pm
weather clothing and heckled coverage fall began tonight. especially in a clothes line set partly cloudy star moving to the north of us the green cloud cover and cooler temperatures for weekend >> : look at treating small '80s and the south they leave san jose 83 cupertino sunnyvale 78 from view. we will stay warm in loans to small operators low 90s inside the bay '60s and '70s 73 assembly and shoe 72 hayward 72 degrees and several 66 in san francisco '80s through much of the north bay sticking of the north bay of the bed in sonoma for this weekend. solacing cloud cover as i mentioned. the cool morning weekend. after an sunshine laws '70s for the north weekend the big race look extended forecast
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>> : in sports a 11 year-old plays her first-round women's feeling at the u.s. open. the warriors beat that the/brothers. all the sports >> : female announcer: looking for the hottest deal on a new mattr
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his mug shot their year-old jeremy had more than 13,000 lights and more than 3000 comments in first 24 hours this was posted on the socks and police this the page was 10,000, is now repeat offender and currently charges six felony counts of the street terrorism but does not seem to faze has as myers this book page of stockton police this mutt page says a hit jail all stay within 424 sun protective for free deal. it >> : serves as well beautiful man a waste i hope this is a joke out but it's not. those eyes are dreamy but this is no joke this man going to jail but not all bad just a sex a and 3 send me an address on facebook get to know me ladies all my goodness >> :
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good evening everyone granting the 4 the latest >> : the warriors everybody loves this a great young player should replace defense to but you have to give something to get something and kevin loved much desired by chow in command a warriors for any loss of our buried in minnesota not make the playoffs in seven years but is a double bubble machine only 25 years of age. i cannot of ucla after his freshman season and the word from clay thomson's father is what gives the story of plays dad. michael thompson says this guy told me that this is really close to happening and the depressing if this happens i will have to talk him and
8:48 pm
his son michael jimmy have to talk him down off the bridge once again some other names involved the bottom line here if indeed click thomson's data on the money it will be kevin love coming to the lawyers say thompson going to minnesota and for people saying area like to keep them both back and forth yelets so much money to spend would rather spend that 15 20 million contract on may 6th ft. 10 the inside player or on a shooting it prominently outside performer and click thompson. that remains to be a working out a press conference tomorrow does to talk about it during off- season. the player's father speaks it is oakland. this area bay area person 11 years old from redwood shores lucy lee and his
8:49 pm
player t ever qualify for u.s. warm and open later first-round at piper's today that's in pennsylvania the big boys played last week she shot 78 to raise the bowie's three double bogeys 11 shots the backs long shot to the cut but boy nobody gives the upbeat press conferences like this young lady. it was a lot of fun i struggled but it was great. it's not bad but >> : i us about what's going on one sec now is have a 32 es
8:50 pm
6 inning. time now for luxes pursuit of perfection altman highlight. the baseball fans know where you're going right to clean her shot a no-hitter last night beating the rockies 8 nothing struck out 15 non and the only base runner on the error in the seventh inning and really it visited his wife and my yellow. it was really a hundred six pitches and dodgers now jens by only four games of the lexus pursuit of perfection and drowsy out the door with some his match against portugal but the sprained left hamstring injury in the usa is when against gun on me know while england all but out as herb gray was withstood a wayne rooney on slot. uruguay we starve was
8:51 pm
mrs. score second goal of the game and that's it to to watter uruguay and went on to as we said about don. he is in santa clara for the grand prix to me recently returned to competitive swimming swimming. and again in the olympics and 200016 still wants to go >> : this been done about about next up to talk to the nascar drivers it said the return the scene of snow
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8:54 pm
near sacramento things that con their long-lost dog.
8:55 pm
more than two years murphy disappeared when a family camping in tahoe national park family posted fliers and the patron finder the but there he as a possible sighting came and 5 mi. from the old camp site french metals reservoir and family and it showed up about the dogs that there in the next night murphy found sleeping in the bed with the dog was in the forest for two years >> : out i've lost my dog. how few 55 the frontiers. the happy so but we will be celebrating nascar this weekend's big grayson's cinema today we hear from some of the competitors including big names to call bay area home. go run out on one road courses such a tough race track trying to hold down at a hundred
8:56 pm
horsepower but a hundred or car. 800 horsepower. the cars and a people bull doing everything and you want to do. and enjoy going to sonoma. home for me i get the seal of family and friends that i don't typically get to with some tracks. a lot of follow and will spend. we go there and it's a tough race track really you can't run their rear tires into 4 tough race all is what my favorite race as a special being my home race. obviously excited go into the road course. and a got a lot great memories. i wasn't of 4 to this. but this has corrupted sponsored by x identity the future of awesome >> : you can catch our nascar special on kron 4 friday
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night tomorrow night 9:00 >> : bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer!
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[distant sirens wailing] are we, uh, almost done here? i have to call my mother, get my daughter, call the hospital. so he didn't threaten you? no. no fight? not really. sounds like a yes. was there any indication that something would happen? yeah... [chuckles] every moment i spent with him. he's always waiting for something to happen. but this... and no idea where he is?


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